Who Do You Need to Become?

How many times have you told yourself, “I’m gonna lose 20 pounds and fit into a dress I used to love to wear? or “I’m going to become a gym-a-holic and finally get fit!”?


Many of us have goals for ourselves we’d like to accomplish for our health. Some goals are lofty and life-changing while others might be small. So, today I wanted to spend a few minutes addressing an important concept when it comes to goal setting that many of you might find helpful.


We all know that change is hard. It can be difficult to change our ways when we’ve been stuck for so long doing things OUR way, the comfortable way. We have these goals in our heads of what we’d like to do, like how many pounds we want to lose, or what dress we hope we can fit in again. But many times, we fail to know what it will take to get there….or if we’re even ready.


I want you to work backwards when it comes to goal setting and first visualize actually reaching a goal you’ve had in mind. Really soak in how you believe you will feel when you get there. How does it feel? What will that look like?


From there, I want you to ask yourself one question: Who do I need to become to get the goal I want to achieve? 


What do I mean by that? Let’s think about your goal for a minute. Let’s say you have it in your mind you want to lose 20 pounds and start working out 5 days per week and right now you are not working out at all. Big goal, right? Big goal, but doable.


With that goal in mind and understanding where you’re currently at, begin to think of what things you might have to learn or do differently to get there. Do you have to wake up 30 minutes earlier to make a nutritious breakfast instead of always skipping it? Do you have to spend 10 minutes the night before getting your workout clothes ready by your bedside to make it easy for you to slip them on in the morning to go for a walk? Do you have to start tracking calories to figure out where your problems with your nutrition lie? Do you have to learn how to meal prep so you can have a healthy lunch at work instead of eating out every day? Do you need to take 5 minutes in the morning to meditate to focus your mind before starting your day?


Sometimes there may be things you do not know how to change or even start. If you’ve never worked out before, how do you know how to create a sustainable workout program for yourself? And if you’ve been working out forever and still seeing no results, how know to achieve your fitness goals?


It’s okay to admit you might need help. The important thing is to realize that even though you may have to make a monetary investment to learn what you do not know, you will get that money back from the results you achieve and the money you save in future medical costs.


Therefore, instead of just thinking “I’m going to lose 20 pounds”, I want you to think about who you need to BECOME to achieve these goals. If you can’t accept change, you will never reach your big goals. With big goals comes big change.


We must accept change by addressing our weaknesses and acknowledging we must take steps to learn and grow. You are NOT weak in acknowledging these things. Conversely, you are STRONG for being self-aware and willing to progress yourself to be better. 


So I ask you today – who do you need to become to reach your goals?

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