Jim Graifer

Jim Graifer is an ACSM-certified Personal Trainer with a specialization as a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. With a nutritional background in Precision Nutrition, he received his Bachelors in Exercise Science from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in 2011 before entering the fitness industry.

Jim spent 7 years working in the commercial fitness industry first as a full-time personal trainer and later as a Fitness Manager before co-founding Eon Fitness LLC in 2018. In his career, he has empowered over a hundred clients to lose body fat, get stronger, and learn to enjoy the process of embracing fitness. He has coached dozens of fitness professionals to establish successful careers as personal trainers and managers in the fitness industry in both Tennessee and the Carolinas.

Jim’s passion for fitness stems from his own personal experience of growing up as an overweight child with sedentary hobbies. As an avid videogamer and comic book geek, Jim has been able to experience firsthand what it takes to make drastic changes in one’s life to pursue a healthier lifestyle. His goal is to share his knowledge and expertise with each client he works with to allow them the ability to use fitness to transform their lives the way it transformed his own.

Lisa Graifer

Lisa Graifer is a NASM-certified Personal Trainer with specialties as a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and ACE Orthopedic Specialist. She received her Bachelors in Food Science and Human Nutrition: Dietetics at the University of Florida and completed graduate coursework in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Lisa worked in the commercial fitness industry for three years, working as a full-time personal trainer and later as a Fitness Manager before co-founding Eon Fitness LLC in 2018. During her time in the industry, Lisa has helped men and women get stronger, gain confidence, and live healthier lifestyles with her innovative approach to training.

While Lisa has always had an active lifestyle, her passion for fitness took its roots later in life when she began to develop pain due to joint instability in her lower back and shoulders. Living with chronic pain has given her a passion for educating others on moving better and exercising smarter.