Q: How does online training work?

A: Online training allows me to design and deliver you a customized workout program that will help you reach your goals. All workout programs are sent to your phone and built to maximize your time, build muscle, and lose fat. 

During our time together, we will have bi-weekly check-ins via phone. You will also receive weekly emails that will provide a mixture of motivational content, nutrition and exercise tips, and tasty healthy recipes. We will also track your measurements over time in order to track your progress. 

Q: Isn’t in-person training more effective?

A: Not necessarily. While many of our clients we have trained in-person appreciate the accountability we provide, they do not always need us there 24/7. The decision is completely individual and depends on the client’s starting level and/or any pre-existing medical conditions.

Q: What are the pros of in-person training vs. online training?

A: Good question. In-person training allows a trainer to provide more tactile cues if you are struggling with your form. It can also give many more accountability because a physical appointment with a trainer must be completed. Online training is a more affordable option for many. It is also more flexible, as your workouts can be done at whatever time is convenient with you, no need to take time to schedule with a trainer. Online training also allow you to be matched up with a trainer who can help you reach your specific goals. This can be a limiting factor with in-person training depending on where you live.

Q: How do I see my workouts on my phone? What app do you use? 

A: After we begin working together, I will send you an invitation to join the free phone app, Trainerize. This app allows you to view all your workouts (with videos of me demonstrating every exercise), sync your MyFitnessPal account for me to help track your nutrition, and track your measurements over time. Check out the video on the right for a sneak peak.