“My time training with Lisa Avery has been nothing but the most pleasant experience imaginable. I don’t know many people who love what they do as much as her, and that passion is infectious and made me a more avid gym goer as a result! Even when I injured my back and had to adjust my workout routines for a few months, Lisa made the transition a breeze, and had me back to feeling at full strength in no time. I couldn’t imagine going to train with anyone else.”
“My personal trainer, Lisa Avery, is excellent! She knows just the right amount of work I need to do at any given time. She is always flexible in my workouts. If I have a physical issue (strained back), she ensures I have the workout I need and the correct stretches to aid in my recovery."
“I was very impressed with Lisa’s knowledge of training and how the muscle groups work. She was always completely prepared for each of my sessions. She was very good at motivating me to do my best and try to improve with each session.”
“Lisa Avery has done an excellent job of getting me started with a program and answering all my questions. Has made me enthusiastic about making a long term commitment to a regular routine.”